He is a top military pilot. She is a sword maiden. He is a lieutenant of the Solar Armada. She is a renegade. He fights in simulated drills and runs space races. She struggles against death and to save others. He is from an important family in the Solar System. She is an orphan, raised by a dejected old man.

       Carl and Diana´s worlds couldn´t be further apart.  Titanic forces will make their lives collide. They will seem extraterrestrial to each other, but together they will witness life and death. Love and hate. Madness and hope. 

       Do you long for a new and original story? Are you tired of the same old stories told over and over again? Do you remember the thrill and wonder of a new world opening up to you?


       The 3rd Planet is a saga that brings together ancient mythological motifs and our very 21st-century themes. You will confront the mysteries. You will stare into the unknown. You will be challenged to explore the hidden depths of our universe and our very souls. But the question remains. Do you dare?

enough of superheroes

no more crushing idols of old

behold a new saga

face the crossroads of our time

awaken the hero inside your soul


Carl Newton

     He is at the pinnacle of his career yet unsatisfied. He is young and bold but still feels unworthy. He is on a bright and well-defined track but still feels lost.

    Carl is the amorphous clay. He is the one to be transformed. He is the thing that exists in order to evolve and improve. For him, stillness is a death-like existence because he is the drama that brings awe and wonder to the universe.

    His fate stops our hearts and freezes our breath because his destiny is our own. He is but a mirror for all of us.


   She struggles today to live tomorrow. She is splendid and unpredictable. She wanders in the desert saving children and elders alike. In a world of scarcity and suffering, only their lives matter to her.

     Diana is fearsome and gentle. She is a merciless warrior and a passionate lover. She will kill and she will bring forth life.

       Diana is the primitive essence of nature. She is life- force incarnated. She fascinates for both her crude ruthlessness and her astonishing beauty.

        She is that which is immortal and yet ever dying. She is that which feeds on itself. She is from whom we came to be and to whom we shall return. 

Kailash Raman

       The greatest scientist in the Solar System. A genius comparable only to other minds of the past. Her proficiency and renown have done little to alleviate her inner void.

      Her work will open the doors of the universe for mankind. An old friend will show her the meaning of being alive.

        Her intellect will unveil the foundations of reality. She will travel through the galaxy to find love and her own self.


       She has seen just a little of the world. Thirteen years of harshness and brutality have not been enough to steal the innocence and spontaneity of a child´s eyes.

      Friend, little sister, and squire to Diana. Together they march through the wasteland. Her heart will glow with the sight of an unexpected hope.

        She will blossom in the most spectacular way. She will cry an ocean of tears. She will be a light to illuminate the darkest of hours. She will be the mother of an entirely new world.

Abram Newton

   A revered commander and philosopher. A wise leader and a troubled parent. A life of study and dedication were not enough to grant success in the pivotal mission of preparing the next generation.

    A husband who mourns his wife. A father who loses his son. Bitterness and lamentation won´t suffice to fulfill his role. 

   Abram is the past. The knowledge of the previous generations that must struggle to the last moment to imprint its wisdom on the future of mankind.


     Kingu is the steward of a lost people. Shepherd of a doomed flock. He is the leader of the last men. Brutal and merciless as his own world and life.

     He carries the burden to guide mankind into its final moments and under its weight, his soul will be crushed.

      He is the hidden other. He is the face within that we refuse to look at. He is the mirror we rather crush than confront. The undeniable part of us that, if untamed, breakes out into reality like an uncontrolled burst of light and violence.

Asuna Jin

   A brilliant scientist, a model for young and knowledge-hungry minds. She is the product of our triumph over enmity and division. Despite previous failures, her soul glows in the face of the mystery and the unknown.

    She embodies a part of the human spirit that drove us to unthinkable and mind-boggling discoveries and progress throughout our history.

    She will drag us into the ultimate exploration journey and will pay a heavy price for that.


    Hopeless and almost blind he dwells in the deep and in the darkness. Once a beloved leader and a keeper of an ancient flame, now he sits and waits for some final revelation beyond the gates of oblivion.

   The remnants of ancient traditions and knowledge are disappearing in his blood and in his wrinkled skin. Hopelessness poisoned his heart and soul.

   The most unlikely meeting will light once again a flame that was long supposed to have waned.

Antoine Hooke

     An almost flawless space pilot. A proud and arrogant young man. He is sure of his capability. He is certain of his right to be number one.

     The skyscraper of confidence, as always, is rooted in the mire of a feeling of rejection and inferiority and a longing for acknowledgment.

      His pride will make him walk happy and willingly into a devastating and spine breaking experience, from which he will barely escape as a completely different man.


     Another of Diana´s children. Strong in physical might as much as in willpower. Tycho will feel the pain of growing and the unbearable doubt of choosing his ways.

      He will suffer violence from men and from nature. He will have to fight desperately for his life and for his family.

   He will have to learn to see beauty on the threatening horizon and hope in ominous clouds.

Nadia Mendeleyev

    She pursues relentlessly her professional success and the academic spotlight. To her mother´s despair, she is willing to sacrifice everything to attain that goal.

     A historical mission seems to be the perfect highway for her professional ascension. She will leave everything behind to pursue her dream.

  Full of dreams and aspirations, she was utterly unprepared and unfit for what she would come to face. Only too late she will notice the blindness that her ambitions imposed on her and she will have just the briefest moment to regret it.


     A soft and gentle lady among the most brutalized and savage men. Living proof of the surprising resilience of kindness and altruism.

     Brigit is a healer, a carer and a warm soul to lean on. She has always lived for others but will find something for her own when strange visitors land on their home.

      She will heal. She will save. She will comfort. But in the end, she will have to stand up against evil and pay the price for it.

Niels Mitchell

     The future seemed to be bright. Nothing more than success and fame could lie ahead. Niels came out of the Jovian System alongside Antoine Hooke to conquer their rightful place among the ranks of the Solar Armada.

      He is the spirit of joviality. The naive optimism that sees in bright lights the unknowable future that lies ahead.

      He will pay a heavy price for his immaturity. An unjust fate to teach how unfair the world really can be.


     She is a lover of life, of Earth and especially of mankind. She will lead us into the most unexpected and revealing journey we have ever undertaken.

       Amazed, she will witness the human spirit showing all of its potency and glory. An ill-fated mission will reveal a dormant and almost forgotten divinity that lies inside each one of us.

        The adventure she will steer us into will ultimately liberate our souls as much as her own. 

Minerva Newton

        She is a goddess and a woman. A memory and inspiration. She gave birth to a man and to an entire species.

       Minerva dwells in dreams and in the depths of the unconscious. She guides and she comforts. Even though she is lost in the past, her spirit will be decisive in the unwinding of destiny.

        Holy mother ever-present, your children shall walk side by side remembering your smile and speaking your name in the face of slavery and annihilation.

General Mefis

     He was vomited out by an angry and resentful crowd. Violence and cruelty he bears as weapons. Hate and anger are his minions.

      Mefis will hold understanding and peace hostage of his machinations. He is an ancient and immortal sickness that lives within mankind. He is a puppet and a mask to an evil that lies inside our very soul.

      In our blindness and distraction, he will thrive. He will take over and dominate us until it is too late. Until there is needed a true hero to get rid of him again.

Elohim Phainestai

     A guide and a spiritual leader. He conducts father and son through their most difficult journeys.

     Elohim is almost forgotten and self-imposed an exile. Only those who actively search can now reach him.

     A path through the darkness. A shelter in the desert. Elohim is a miracle produced by mankind itself. A ladder man built to ascend from the crudeness and harshness of existence.


     A conductor into the unknown. A door to the full potential of our existence. A child, a man, an illusion. Hari is mystery itself.

       He will steer as much as he will be steered. He will watch and will take part in it. Hari seems to be helping but it might be otherwise.

       Walking up the steps alongside Carl, Hari will, in the end, meet and overcome the dark part of himself and in doing so he will free his kind.


  She was born with a destiny. A heavy load was intended for her. Knowing that, her mother almost broke her soul trying to keep her safe from the world.

     Panda will have to face her path. She will have to walk her away despite being unprepared and terrified. She is the decisive force that makes us finally cut the cord and fly free from the cage.

      Her role will be played at the most decisive hour. The destiny of mankind rests on a child's shoulders. The entire universe will be closely watching as it is unveiled.


      Another orphan. Another lost child in the wasteland. Aruna didn´t know his father or his mother. All he has ever known is the love of Diana and the friendship of Panda.

       He will lead a group of lost children through arid landscapes. He will follow his stepfamily to the brink of destruction and in doing so the story of his own life and heritage will be laid open. 


     The enslaver of men. The ultimate evil. He will make of us a tool of his machinery. He will be cruel, violent and brutal to us but most of all hateful.

     Neron is being bred right now in our present day. He is the heritage of our own limitless ambition and ferocity. The ultimate materialization of our insane and wild will for power over everything.

      He will bring humanity to its knees and we will need assistance to destroy him.


Mirage F

     He is a vehicle and not a fountain. He just served as a conduit to an abstract entity. Faced with the mysteries and overwhelming complexities of our world and lives by geniuses of the past and present, he just watched as a persistent idea sprouted from the depths in the depths of his mind. 

       For years it took hold and dug deep roots, simply refusing to vanish. Plagued with the recurrence of the idea, he finally was able to beget The 3rd Planet saga. Hoping to become free, he learned that it would only grow and develop once outside his mind. It shall claim control over its own life and march in unpredictable ways.

Amaral G

     A professional writer that stumbled upon a brute and unpolished rock. He was the polisher of the katana. He was the doctor that cuts the umbilical cord. He fitted a raw story into the form of a literary work.