Hundreds of years from now we have spread out through space.  Mankind thrives on a terraformed Mars, in orbital cities on Venus and in pioneering colonies on Jupiter’s moons under the unified banner of the Solar System.

          Enclosed habitats reach to the stratosphere with stacked cities. An omnipresent and benign artificial intelligence operates in integration with our nervous system. Fusion reactors provide infinite energy, and gravitational drive engines allow men to dominate their solar system.

          Lieutenant Newton´s future as an officer at the Solar Armada seemed bright and predictable. Maybe a little too predictable. Everything is about to change when an unprecedented cosmic event shocks the solar worlds.

         A spectacle of light and energy that will shake the foundations of our civilization. A call that cannot remain unanswered. Mankind will pursue the trail of life and be forced to look into an unforgiving mirror. We will undertake a journey that will shape the future of our species across time, space and beyond. A defining moment like others our ancestors underwent, but this time we will not be alone.

        The universe of The 3rd Planet saga will come to life in illustrations listed below in a map of pivotal moments of the stories. You can help them to see the light sponsoring directly each one of them and it will have your name written on it.

     If you are an artist and would like to contribute to raising this universe you can produce the illustrations yourself after getting in touch with us.

     The 3rd Planet is an independent saga that will be built from the unbreakable willpower of its creators and its fans. Visit our support section and help to bring it to life!

Part 1 - the solar system

The destiny of Asuna
Asuna and her team at the Extrasolar Life Search Agency observes the cosmic anomaly that opened close to the Solar System
Daisy faces the Sun
Carl and Kailash flyby through plasma ejections aboard Daisy in the Solar Race
The secret of the Moon
Deep space frigate Gilgamesh under construction in the far side of the Moon
Solar System Assembly for the discussion about a manned exploratory mission to the source of extrasolar life
Atlas relieved at last
The End of Nations museum
The iris portal
Carl and Hari in front of the iris portal of a maintenance access i n Atlantis
Peace and friendship
Kailash stares at the golden disk
The gaze of the galaxy
Diana stares at Carl
Standing in Hell
Diana lifts Carl from the ground of the 3rd planet
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Part 2 - the face of darkness

A meet with the Devil
Mefis holds Carl hostage
Daisy wakes up
Daisy breaks out of Terra Nova
The two ladies
Diana admires Daisy in the desert
Carl, Diana and Kiki sit with Giodano in the two trees hall
The cadaver of Paris
The city of Paris vanished by nuclear explosions
The face of horror
Kingu recovers from a kiliing frenzy in Berlin
Ripping off the mind
Carl removes his interface in the abyss of darkness
Diana stands to the darkness
Diana facing hundreds of pustaka in the deep cave of darkness
Winged infinity
Carl and Kai observes Diana´s tatoo
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Part 3 - the triumph of life

Lusty lioness
Diana showing hell to Carl
Elegant killers
Diana and Kiki firing their bows in the orient
Dance over the furnace
Hari dances over the hot waters of the Nabhi volcano
Katsujinken faces Setsuninto
The decisive battle between restoration and anihillation
The fallen man
Diana holds Carl at the rocky beach after crashing Daisy in the ocean
Carl and Diana ascend through the skies
The elusive lady
Enheduanna and Abram stare at the Earth aboard the Vimana frigate
The human legacy
Carl, Diana and Giordano at the cave of the ancestors
The sun rises again
Diana, Carl and Giordano at the Sanctuary at the end
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Part 4 - Odyssey

Part 5 - Heirs of the Universe

Part 6 - the death of the virgin

Part 7 - eternal return

Part 8 - the awakening of the hero