The meeting of a man and a woman. The clash of two worlds. The acknowledgment between two species. The 3rd Planet universe goes beyond the adventures of Carl and Diana. 

    The mystery of a journey to the foundations of reality. The fierce competition among the Solar Armada ranks. The hypnotic effect that Jupiter exerts in the sky. The moment of birth of a new life form. A planet that won´t rest until it is reunited with the spirit of the human hero. The eternal cycle of life manifesting itself through our lives. The bright face of the villain. The dark side of the hero. 

     A series of spin-off tales will expand The 3rd Planet universe and reveal details and background of our characters beyond the original works. A world still in the making, an open fictional work waiting for your contribution. Sponsor a tale, make your suggestion, leave your name forever written on it.


Spin-off Tales

  1. First kiss in Venus

  2. The Party

  3. The quest for the elusive lady

  4. Zombie Revolution

  5. The name of God

  6. The way of the ocean

  7. The foundations of reality

  8. Atmonomics

  9. The dark father

  10. The merciful villain

  11. Rise of ignorance

  12. Children of the wasteland

  13. The Nyahga Valley

  14. A journey of harshness

  15. Polynesia at war

  16. Neron crosses the Danube

  17. Revolution in the abyss

  18. The journey of Reiss

  19. Nabhi free at last

  20. Neron and Chung Ho

  21. The womb of Theia